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To our dearest listeners,

Cave Chaos has been givin' it to ya on a regular basis for over 2 years, but we feel like it's time to take a step back and see what's missing from our relationship. The thing is, you've always been great at listening and we've had some great phone conversations, but it seems like we never make eye contact. We want to change for you.

We're going away for a few weeks to sort things out and make the transition, but we'll keep you updated over the coming weeks. Even though we may change, we'll still be the same irreverent, in your face show and we will still love you just the way you are.

Love Always,

Cave Chaos

TL;DR...We're moving to YouTube. See you in a few weeks!




  • The Craigslist Experience

    This week the Cave Chaos crew explores the one-stop internet bazaar (maybe that should be "bizarre") known as Craigslist (with a little side trip to backpage). You won't believe what we found!

  • The Dick Wisperer

    Not only are women's magazines known to cause unrealistic ideals in woman and negative body-image, they also suck at giving relationship advice! Join the Cave Chaos crew this week as we attempt to crack the bro code with the help of Cosmo. That is, we say what we think you think we say when we say something that isn't what we are actually saying because you think that's not what we're saying because of what we just said. Got it?

  • V-Day for Lovers and Haters

    Yeah, it's that time again. Some love it, some hate it, and some just don't give a shit. At Cave Chaos we do give a shit, which is why we're put together some tips for the lovers and haters of Valentine's Day.

  • Sextrology

    With 11 more months of the year ahead of us the Cave Chaos Show thought it was a good time to find our sexy astrology signs. Hold on to Uranus, we're embarking on a stellar journey to the stars to unlock the secrets of the universe...or not.

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